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Charles Santoso (Chao) is a concept artist and illustrator currently living in Sydney, Australia. - All original artwork here copyright Charles Santoso 2014. Please do not use any content of this tumblr without permission. -


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I’m humbled to be invited to another Moleskine Project groupshow at Spoke Art, curated by Rodrigo Luff and Ken Harman. Please have a visit if you’re in the San Fransisco area - the show is filled with amazing works! It opens until 21st December 2013.

Title: Lucky Black Tiger

Medium: Pencil & Gold Ink on Moleskine paper

This piece is still available here:

You can also view the photo of framed piece in this article:

Title: Porco Rosso

Medium: Pencil on Arches Paper

My contribution to ‘The Movie Show’ ( at Maghen Gallery Paris (France) -

The groupshow will run from June 28 - July 30, 2013.

Big thank you to Seb Mesnard and Olivier Souillé for the invitation! :)

Here’s my contribution to an upcoming group show (Moleskine Project #2) at Spoke Art, curated by Rodrigo Luff and Ken Harman. Have a look at crazy talented artists in the participant list. I’m really honoured to be a part of this. If you’re in San Fransisco area, please have a visit! The show opens on 6th December 2012.

Title: In Between

Medium: Pencil on Moleskine paper

Meanwhile, my 'WoodWork' solo show is still up for another week. Please check it out if you’re around Sydney :)

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