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Charles Santoso (Chao) is a concept artist and illustrator currently living in Sydney, Australia. - All original artwork here copyright Charles Santoso 2013. Please do not use any content of this tumblr without permission. -


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Year of the Wooden Horse

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Happy Holiday, all! Thank you very much for the support in 2013 :)) Cheers to a wonderful upcoming new year! #seasonsgreetings #happynewyear #happyholiday #xmas

I’m humbled to be invited to another Moleskine Project groupshow at Spoke Art, curated by Rodrigo Luff and Ken Harman. Please have a visit if you’re in the San Fransisco area - the show is filled with amazing works! It opens until 21st December 2013.

Title: Lucky Black Tiger

Medium: Pencil & Gold Ink on Moleskine paper

This piece is still available here:

You can also view the photo of framed piece in this article:

a New Sweater for Mr.Whiskey

Random Word Doodles: image response to the word ‘Plush’ :-)

3rd batch of Inktober! :-)

RANDOM WORD DOODLES: Image responses to the word ‘Sketch’ and ‘Snack’.

What’s ‘Random Word Doodles’? You can read the information here: 

"We’re Not So Different,You and I …" 

Lunch Break Doodles - Halloween edition :-)

2nd batch of Inktober! :-)

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